Live House Plants

Live house plants make fantastic gifts!

An Old Town Flower Shoppe carries a variety of gorgeous 6-inch live house plants. Each one is in a water tray and is wrapped with decorative floral paper.

Added Impact!

For added impact, Dawn adds live plants to a basket or a decorative planter. Pairing them with a vase of fresh flowers and bundle of balloons, makes an even bigger impact.  Create a gorgeous housewarming or “welcome home” gift with a live houseplant and you are giving a gift that brings fresh oxygen into the home!

For that new baby, add a sweet little Plush animal and a bundle of balloons! You will give a gift that can grow along with the new little bundle of joy!

Are Congratulations or a job well done in order? By adding a plant to a basket, additional treats and bundle of balloons, you now have a beautiful gift to be remembered long after the munchies are gone!

You can choose from a variety of live house plants. An Old Town Flower Shoppe offers: Prayer Plants, Pothos, African Violets, Coleus, Croton, Succulent gardens and Fairy Gardens!

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